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How Pam Learnt to Parent More Positively

Pam knew she wasn’t being the best mother she could be when she spoke harshly to her kids and swore at them. She recognised she …

woman standing on grass field Stories

How Little Things Can be Life-Changing

A woman arrived at our reception one day, depressed and desperate. She needed someone to talk to, a counsellor. Our lovely receptionist greeted her in …

two bowls of oatmeal with fruits Stories

Eating Better a Financial Bonus for Mia

Mia came to Birthright for financial advice as her family’s income had decreased now that she had dropped from full-time to part-time work. In order …


Breakaway Holiday Programme

The Breakaway Holiday Programme is a week-long initiative for 9 – 14 year olds from Maraenui and Napier South that Birthright has run each January. …


Mary Now Budgeting Long-Term, Not Week-to-Week

Mary lives in transitional housing, as renting is beyond her budget and she also suffers from anxiety, so flatting with other people isn’t ideal. Mary …

family photo on green grass during golden hour Stories

More Family Time for Sarah

Sarah was referred to Birthright by the NZ Police, which suggests that finances had become a source of conflict in her household. She was on …

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