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Parenting can be tough, especially when your child displays challenging behaviour. We can help.

Birthright runs a free 8-week positive parenting programme that helps parents nurture family relationships, while supporting their own emotional wellbeing. Participants report noticing positive differences …

woman in gray cardigan and pink floral dress holding black coated wire Stories

Rangi is Parenting with More Confidence Now

Rangi came to Birthright looking for advice on how to cope with her children who were displaying challenging behaviour at school and at home. She …

boy in blue crew neck t-shirt Stories

Billie Has Learnt to Deal With Anger Better

Billie used to yell out in class, which constantly got him into trouble. After working with Community Social Workers at Birthright, he learnt to take …

Parenting book Stories

How Pam Learnt to Parent More Positively

Pam knew she wasn’t being the best mother she could be when she spoke harshly to her kids and swore at them. She recognised she …

woman standing on grass field Stories

How Little Things Can be Life-Changing

A woman arrived at our reception one day, depressed and desperate. She needed someone to talk to, a counsellor. Our lovely receptionist greeted her in …

two bowls of oatmeal with fruits Stories

Eating Better a Financial Bonus for Mia

Mia came to Birthright for financial advice as her family’s income had decreased now that she had dropped from full-time to part-time work. In order …

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