More Family Time for Sarah

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Sarah was referred to Birthright by the NZ Police, which suggests that finances had become a source of conflict in her household. She was on maternity leave from work as a registered nurse in a nursing home, but her leave payments had run out 3 months earlier.

The initial plan had been for her husband to take off time to care for their newborn, as they didn’t want to put him into daycare. Sarah was to return to work.

But now that the baby was born, Sarah didn’t feel ready to return to full-time work. She wanted time with her baby, as well as her two other children.

Barb, our Financial Mentor, discussed the situation with Sarah and established that the nursing home had lost staff due to Covid mandates. This put Sarah in a strong position when negotiating her return to work.

A plan was made for Sarah to discuss with her whanau an ideal number of nursing shifts that would work for them as a family. The decision came back as three night shifts a week.

The next step was for Sarah to approach her employer. She did and they agreed!

Sarah was delighted with Barb’s advice, as working part-time was something she hadn’t considered before. The option came as a huge relief for Sarah, who was still able to pay the bills, but now had more time with her whanau.

We can help work through your financial situation and find the best outcome for you and your family. Ask for our free, non-judgmental advice.


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