Taking Time For You: Self-Care And Positive Parenting

Most parents and carers know it’s important to look after themselves. But how do you find the time, energy or resources to do it consistently? It’s not always easy. Some even view self-care as a treat.

However, self-care is not only beneficial for parents but also for their children’s wellbeing and development. It can help you feel calmer, even in tough times. And because children learn a lot by watching their parents and observing how they handle stress, self-care can help you respond (rather than react) to difficult moments more positively. By modeling emotional self-regulation and resilience, you can help your kids develop key life skills.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. Think of small, consistent actions that nurture your physical, social, emotional and social wellbeing. These actions can create new, positive patterns.

Parents who practise self-care report lower fatigue levels and improved mental health. As the saying goes: you can’t pour from an empty cup. Rather than being a luxury or an optional extra, self-care is essential to positive parenting.

Parenthood is filled with opportunities to model looking after yourself to your children. To discover more, read our article.

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