Legal & Financial Help

Birthright HB Child & Family Care provides co-ordinated services for the support and protection of chidren and families in Hawke's Bay through strength based services that change lives.

We do this because we believe everyone matters.

We are able to connect you with professional legal advisors who can provide legal advice and support should you need this service.

Birthright HB Child & Family Care is the sole Hawke's Bay provider of Parenting Through Separation service. 

This is a free parenting program designed by the Ministry of Justice which will help you focus on your children when you are separating and support you to reach agreement on how you will care for them during separation or when there are disputes and importantly after you are separated.

This program also helps grandparents and other wider family/whanau members work out a dispute about how children will be cared for.

Those who have attended already suggest it's best to take part as soon as you can as it helped them sort a lot of things out!

For more information, registration and confirmation of courses closest to you:

Tel: 0800 457 146 / (06) 835 2162

Birthrigh Hawkes Bay also provides Building Financial Capabilities (BFC) support and advice.  This service is an extension to the "old" budgetting service and introduces clients to:

  • Realistic alternatives to borrowing when income is insufficient to make ends meet
  • Gaining better control of day to day spending
  • Encourage people to set realistic financial goals and commit to them
  • Develop active savings behaviour and longer term planning
  • Smarter choice of financial products and services
  • Reduce likelihood of choosing unsuitable financial products e.g. high cost credit from loan sharks

This service can be delivered both stand alone or in conjunction with other Birthright HB services.

For more information:

Tel: 0800 457 146 / (06) 835 2162