About Us

The focus of Birthright HB Child & Family Care services are the children, young persons and their families. We work with the whole family/whanau to facilitate the growth of confidence, development of living skills and a sense of independence and self-help within the family unit and its individual members. We believe:

  • all children share a “birthright”: the right to a good start in life, help in times of crisis and the opportunity to reach their full potential
  • the personal growth and improved circumstances of their parents will enhance this process
  • these families can succeed on their own terms, as well as positively contribute to the community.

Our Story

The first Birthright Society was formed in Hastings on 23 November, 1955 by Peter Gifford and the Hastings Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mr Gifford's aim was to form a voluntary organisation to support and care for the children of one parent families in the community. Birthright Hastings became an Incorporated Society in March, 1956. Birthright grew to be a national body throughout New Zealand. Today, Birthright comprises of a National Office and a number of affiliate organisations around the country. Each affiliate offers a range of social services for children and families.

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How we are funded

The demand for our services continues to grow, further stretching our already tight resources. In order to continue providing these quality community services to families in Hawke's Bay, we are dependent on the support of individuals, businesses, as well as government. However, these do not meet the total cost of providing our services. To meet the shortfall, and to further develop and meet the demands for our services, Birthright relies on public support.

A number of activities offered by Birthright are only possible with the active support of our donors, whose generosity is an ongoing source of appreciation and inspiration in the organisation.

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